Corporate Social Responsibility


We take our environmental responsibility seriously

Here at Server Case UK we're working towards becoming a carbon neutral company.

Although we don't manufacture the goods we sell, we are ultimately responsible for their effect on the planet, and as a company we also have our own carbon footprint.

What will we be doing?

Our plan is to plant a total of 700 trees per year - allowing our company to operate carbon negative. This will help us save the planet.

How will this effect me?

It won't at all - We don't add a "green surcharge". Quite simply, for every 100 items we process we plant a new tree.

As well as helping the planet, we will also become more attractive to existing carbon neutral companies. As we will become carbon neutral, this means that any customers who are currently carbon neutral can maintain their neutrality.

We are currently compiling a list of products that will help the planet, such as 85+ PSU's, motherboards made out of recycled materials, chassis made from recycled metals and hard drives/SSD's that use less power. Please check back soon to find out how we're doing!

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